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This page will test out another HTML5 Video Player.

Spider Video Player

The Spider Video Player is a multi-functional Flash & HTML5 player that will handle uploaded videos or YouTube videos. It lets you choose between a number of preset templates, or you can create your own. You also get a lot of control in terms of player color, transparency, etc.

This player also offers playlists. So that, along with the detailed control you get with the player, really set this plugin apart.

That said, something else that sets this plugin apart is the giant spider watermark on the screen in the corner. I believe you can get rid of this by going for a pro version, but it’s so large that it would not surprise me if many simply felt they couldn’t use the free version because of it. In fact, that has affected our overall rating score for the player.

Here’s a look at a few of the settings.

Here are the main features:

Control size
Set initial image
Audio function
Hide control bar
Control buttons on bar
Loop video
Watermark feature

And here’s a look at the detailed color control of player:

Background color
Video background
Frame background
Frame background transparency
Main buttons
Button hover
Button transparency
Hovered background
Selected item background
Hovered text
Selected text

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